nintendo ds games

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Hi just had to write

After many months of going through ebay i have noticed how many people are selling cheap fake games from HONG KONG ,CHINA etc

Most look like the real thing ! but are priced low with very high postage costs and may take days to get to you .

What happens when it goes wrong posting back to the far east will cost you a small fortune.Plus your little one will be hard to live with while you wait.By which time you have given up and gone to your local video game store.So that cheap game has just cost you double.

If you do decide to buy which is your choice .please be carefull to play the game first .Because the ENGLISH  is  mostly very poor as i found out when my son got one . Well i did have a laugh for five mins till i remembered the cost !!

This artical does not mean to tell you not to buy from the far east just be careful . If you have any worries have a good think first !!

But the most worrying thing is there are companys selling nintendo items from the uk which have not been released yet ,who knows if they are fake or  cheap grey imports .

Please check out at the offical nintendo site first at nindie .com for all consoles and games released by nintendo plus look at for games releases and also for games releases

Please dont waste your hard earned money !!!on fakes or  rip offs please ask the seller if there is a full warranty with the item min 1 year in uk.




















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