nokia from china hong kong singapore-

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for all of you who think that buying from those countries will get a bargain beware...firstly you may get a very cheap product or imitation ..something that dont work at all..even paying by paypal will take months to resolve..
never do western union cash credit card or other means they offer...always check feedback

 dont jump in...some will have over 70 negs that will tell you something.

also how would you feel about this..the phone arrives just say you paid  200pound for it..yes you guessed it..not working...then 5 weeks later you get a bill from customs for import tax and vat..another kick in the goolies..import tax is 8% + 17.5 vat about another 40 pound on top...dont believe them when they say no import tax...mostly the carrier fed xpress  upl..then they bill you ....
so the ansewer is give them a miss then they will go away to scam some one else...hope fully not e bay
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