nokia n95

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The Nokia N95 how good it is, dont listen to one word from people who are trying to sell these phones to you, listen to the people who have owned them,I am one of them.

After  waiting for this phone to come available with my service provider, i managed to time it just right to obtain it for £79.99 on contract, this must be the worst phone i have ever had the miss fortune to obtain, the build quality is plain and simply rubbish, the slide is loose, the whole thing looks and feels cheap, seems ok for the first hour or two, then once you start to get used to it and how it works, and the constant "playing" its not long before the build quality starts to loose it down, big time.

I tried the tv out, plugged it in nothing, unplugged it and plugged it in again, nothing, wiggle the jack plug and crackled into life, i found i had to hold it just in the right place to get it to work, not good for a £200+ phone.

This will be a short lived hyped phone, if you want a second opinion, just go on you tube and type in faults with the nokia n95, i did before i had this one to find me thinking, oh i wont get one as bad, they would have ironed all the bugs out by the time i get mine, ha how wrong was i.

Mine was returned, i didnt even chance a second one, dont be fooled by these being offered cheap on contracts, they will not last the life of a 12-18 month contract!


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