o2 sim cards - payg sims vodaphone orange 3g gold vertu

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Ok , this is a really simple guide .

You will see tons and tons of sim cards for sale on Ebay.

Dont you realise that these are got for free just by asking the suppliers for them when the have a free offer ?

I have subscribed to loads of different informative websites but the best I have come across is  one called   freeneasy.co.uk   ( search on google for it )

Dont forget to join the forum too , 

as this is run by real buyers and sellers just like you and me.

They will email you the same day as the mobile networks issue a free offer , and you can usually apply for 6 sim cards to as many addresses as you can think of .

They even have an Ebay section where you can advertise simcards and even your other listings.

I have increased some of my Ebay sales by as much as 50% by advertising in the forums

Also dont forget , when you get a sim card with a number like 07888 555 666  it is called a Gold or Platinum number , because it is easily remembered and it is worth 1000 times more than just one with a basic number.

Some people sell their sims without even looking  at the phone numbers , so if you see auctions up where people are just selling a set of 6 , the chances are , they havn't even looked at the numbers so you could have some great numbers in there , so take a chance on bidding .

Thanks for reading this guide.

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