obscene postage amounts

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what is really getting my goat at the moment about e-bay is the amount of people charging obscene amounts for p & p, obviously i know its not just postage cost, but costs of materials time etc etc but i have recently been stung twice by people wanting over £6.00 p&p costs that arrived wrapped in a black bing bag liner with £1.22 postage, surely this shouldnt be allowed, and I think e-bay should take this more seriously when complaints are made or when people try to add more onto postage after item has ended then reporting you for a non payment when you refusing to pay, so come on all us honest e-bayers, lets make a stand, e-bay should moniter p & p costs and should listen to our coplaints about particular people, especially people that have so much neg f/b for it and also e-bay should stop giving out unpaid strikes when we refuse to pay extortionate amounts of p & p that have been added on after listing has ended, so please people, make a stand, start complaining, the more people who complain the more chance we have of getting e-bay to do something about it!!!!
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