onyx jordan 193

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jordan 193

the jordan 193 by onyx in 1/43 scale remains as one of the rarest jordans and as such is fairly rare on e bay.this model was,i believe ,only issued to the jordan team and was never on general release to the public.

if you are lucky enough to find one expect to pay anywhere between 35-105 pounds depending on condition and the amount of interested bidders.this model, athough produced in 1993 it comes in 1992 packaging.the rubens barrichello version is generally more sought after than the boutsen version. 

ocasionally,the 193 is listed as "sasol jordan" and even mistakenly as a 192.note the differences between these models and then keep a sharp lookout on e bay for an opportunity to bid.if you are thinking of selling this model ensure you highlight the rareity element to potential buyers.

.the jordan 193 of boutsen.               barrichello jordan 193


                              the jordan 192 of guglemin.                                            modena's 192 with barclay logoe's

as you can see from the pictures the easiest way to distinguish between the models is the amount of red on the nosecone,but also note the race numbers,14 and 15 on the 193, 32 and 33 on the 192.the onyx catalogue numbers are 174 barrichello and 175 boutsen for the 193.the numbers for the 192 models are 133 and 134.good luck with your search. 

if you are collecting 1/43 jordan models you may be interested in having a look at my other guides covering jordan from 1991 to 2005 and beyond. 

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