ordering pokemon figures guide for parents

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if your children are anywhere near as into these creatures as mine i recommend pokemon figures as a good collectable and not to expensive for christmas or birthday presents. Two of my children collect them and love to run through choosing their favourites.

My youngest also gets Pokemon World comics every month and i noticed a letter from a child in the comic regarding the fact that while some of the figures are readilly avaliable in the uk the rarer and more desireable figures are to be found only in China and Hong Kong and his parents were dubious about ordering in these cases.

I have had many pleasent and uncomplicated transactions with sellers in these countries and wanted to reassure other parents not to be to nervous of buying these items.

The sites i have previously used who sell a wide range of products and have always given me great service that i would recommend are Lovely Inner shop, Len Candy, and sweet pigster.

in this country i have always recieved great service from Boffey and especially little mon shop shemo 12345 who have a great range.

i hope this may be useful to other parents but as i say i have dealt with and would trust any of the above sites both here and in China so please don't be afraid to take a chance.

Finally when ordering from China just be wise of increased air mail postage i would also recommend awaiting invoice before paying as some sellers give discounts on multiple purchases which are not calculated if you use the pay now option, i would also advise clicking on Google and inputing Currency converter as this will give you conversion rates from Dollars into pounds at daily exchange rates as far eastern sellers operate in US Dollars and this will tell you exactly what you are spending.


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