over priced postage

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i have noticed a recent trend in buyers making little profit from there items and charging over inflated postage cost. an example of this, i just purchased an item. postage was listed as £6.00 fine with me but when item arrived a week later it had been posted second class at the cost of £1.09. the seller has yet to reply to my emails asking why?

  the only reason i can think of, and its been confirmed to me by ebay sellers i know ,is ebay dont take a percentage of postage cost therefore selling the item cheap and profiting from the postage saves the seller money. y point is if you dont want to pay ebay fees dont use ebay. dont try to come up with a way round paying the fees.

 if you think postage is high, ask before bidding and if still in doubt dont buy. ebay is all about trust no one knows the person we are buying of so dont get ripped of by some one trying to avoid paying in full for ebays services.


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