over-priced postage charges

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im an avid speedway fan and ebay does give you a good chance of getting those hard to find items, in the speedway star the british grand prix is on sale for £7.99 inc p&p which is a reasonable price, yet I see the same DVD on sale on ebay for £15.99 & £3.50 on top of that for p&p !

I know people like to make a bit of a profit but overcharging by £11.50 is just extorionate, another thing that puts people off and I know because ive discussed it at great length is p&p, if a badge for example costs more than £1 to send look around, badges weigh around the same weight give or take a little either way but it does annoy when you buy a badge & get charged £0.75 and then get charged over £3 for another yet they both are similer, it does make you wander when a small badge costs more to send than a heavy book ! how many buyers have paid extra for P&p and then recieved a used package with a 2nd class stamp on it

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