packing items to sell

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hi there,just to advice you on packing certain items that you are going to ship, for example with books i always put them in a clear plastic wallet,as i am ready to sell them as this keeps the dust away,and protects them when sending,with clothes i always use a larger size mail bag and this prevents the clothes from getting crease or damaged whilist shipping,,with games,i always pack these quite tightly and put a fragile sticker on them as well in order that people who are handling them will handle with care,,i do tend to use alot of bubble wrap,but this can make the postage costs higher, i have just sent through the post a clear glass finish photo frame,with this i used a large mail bag and put plenty of fragile stickers on it and it has reached the other end with no problem,the more care i take in sending my items the happier my buyers will be! i always put my address on the back no matter what my item is,so if it does get lost in the post at least they can send it back to me!!

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