paint effects

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painted effect of marble
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painted effect of marble

using paint to create something wonderfully take time and patience but give you great pleasure this is a marble effect on a wall

this was done by darbyinteriors  using artis oils to create a marble effect this is done in three stages first painting a back ground colour this was white eggshell oil base paint once this as dry you apply a scumble which can be linseed oil with dryers just a cap full and a little bit of artis oil this goes a long way using a bush to apply the scumble bush it in different directions and start to form your patten also using a rag to soften out the brush stokes by doing this you are forming the shadows once this is done the next stage is the veins this is done with feathers dip the end of the feather in white spirits drag the feather in the scumble this will start to give you veins and the white spirits will break up the scumble using a very soft bush soften out the veins until their go in to the back ground the next stage is to over lay the shadow with stronger veins and aging soften out the last stage is to start to add detail to the mable like using your finger with a cloth around it to make new lines or cotton buds to make new lines or shadows alway soften out you work as you go on could add more colour now your coming to the end of your project it just the start talk to you soon bye         

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