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the worst delivery "service" in the u.k

i recently had the mis-fortune to trust these halfwits  to deliver a package for me. nearly 3 weeks later the person who the item was meant to be for, emailed me asking whether or not i had mailed his booty!! upon checking the parcel 2 go tracking number i found to my astonishment that  it stated" the parcel had been passed onto the courier but not delivered" when i contacted the "2 go" numpties they said that they could not trace the parcel { which they failed to deliver} and that i was not covered for my losses even though it was through their fault that the parcel was lost!
please DO NOT! trust these tossers with your parcels as they could not find their own arses with both hands!.. or in this case my parcel!!
if the courier takes a fancy to your parcel you can say goodbye to it!!
thieving  B......S!!!  i am now over £50 lighter in pocket and my customer probably wont consider buying from me in future, "companies" like this should be strictly regulated as they are totally inept at delivering a product but wriggle out of, by pulling the old "you should have taken out insurance " statement, which is fair enough if the item had been left at the address for delivery but had" walked" before the recipient had  been able to claim it ,but when the courier cant even be bothered to deliver the item in the first place, then parcel 2 go are no more a courier delivery service than i am king kong!!
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