parcel2go nightmare

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I bought a book recently on ebay, where the delivery service used by the vendor was parcel2go, acting as an intermediary for myHermes. I received the book THIRTEEN days after the book was collected from the vendor. There was no particular problem up to the stage when the package had been received in the local myHermes depot, but that is when things started to go wrong. The regular myHermes delivery person was on holiday, so the package was given to the self employed courier standing in for the person on holiday. As the relief courier was unfamiliar with the round, unknown to me, he tried to deliver my package to another similar address, not far from me, where the occupants were on holiday. When he got no answer, he left calling cards with his mobile number on. After about six days of non delivery, I contacted the vendor and obtained the tracking number for the parcel2go website and noticed at that point that attempts had been made on three consecutive days to deliver my parcel without success. Realising that he may have been trying to deliver it to the similar address nearby, I contacted the parcel2go live chat and this is where I became totally frustrated by the ineptitude of the people on live chat working for parcel2go. I have established that these people are based in Bolton, but trying to get a contact number to speak to someone at their office was impossible. All I wanted to do was to get in touch with myHermes and ensure that the driver called at the correct address, but customer service at myHermes would have no truck with this, referring me back to parcel2go. I spent three days on Live chat trying to get them to understand the problem with mistaken address, and I was promised after about three chats that the information would be passed on to myHermes. Of course it wasn't, and each day when I checked the tracking I noted that the courier had unsuccessfully tried to deliver my parcel. Eventually the website showed that it remained undelivered and it went back to the depot. 
I was totally exhausted with all this hassle, and after another frustrating episode with Live chat, I managed with some insistence on my part, to get a superviaor to phone me from parcel2go. In all fairness, the lady was very nice and understanding, and promised to get in touch with myHermes customer service and explain what could possibly have been happening, however by now it was the day before the Bank Holiday weekend, and it took another five days before my parcel was delivered to me. My point in stating all this, is that where you have a problem with parcel2go acting as an intermediary, you will be unable to contact directly the courier who is ultimately responsible for delivering your parcel if there is problem, and you will have to rely on the live chat people at parcel2go to sort it out, who are clearly neither interested nor up to the job! They just try to get rid of you asap, and on two occasions just terminated the chat. They do not have a line for incoming calls, so AT AN EARLY STAGE, YOU MUST INSIST ON ASKING FOR A SUPERVISOR TO CALL YOU TO TRY TO SORT OUT YOUR PROBLEM. Personally, I will never use anyone but Royal Mail after this dreadful experience.


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