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please take caution when trying any of the following!
I will not be held responsible for any damage that may be caused to your laptop if you decide to carry out the following procedure.
use at own risk!

when you have forgotten your bios password on your dell laptop it can be frustrating to say the least, as without entering the correct password, the laptop becomes useless as you are not able to proceed beyond the initial boot stage.

there is a simple yet effective method to remove the password from these laptops and revert the laptops bios settings back to its factory settings, minus the password!
there is a great guide floating around the web about using a simple bog standard paper clip to short circuit the 8 pin 24C02 cmos bios chip during boot up, all bios passwords are stored on this chip, along with any user settings set in bios. short circuit pins 3 and 6 this usually does the trick every time, if you have made specific bios changes then please note these down before carrying out this procedure! as all user changeable setting will be wiped using this process!

this can get a little difficult depending on the model of laptop, but this method works on most dell laptops.
on some laptops you may have to strip the laptop down to its bare motherboard, then re-attach the screen, you are ready to go.

you will need to unbend the paper clip and then bend it into a "U" shape with the ends slightly bent downwards, the tips of the clip should be the roughly the same distance apart as the ends of the pins on the chip you want to short.

using a paper clip to short the chip can be hit and miss sometimes, so you have to perceiver, as you will eventually be able to wipe the password from the bios, using a combination of switching the system on and then shorting the chip, or shorting the chip and then switching the system on etc...

if you have performed the process correctly then you should get a message on screen - "manufacturing mode", to return to normal operation press FN and X keys.

this will enable you to wipe the bios of any passwords which were on the system.
this method is very useful if you have a forgetful memory and tend to have loads of passwords running around in your head and sometimes forget which one is for your laptop!

once you have wiped the password, then refit the laptop back together and then power up the system as normal and enter bios and reset your password to something else which you will be able to remember!

otherwise you can run the system without any passwords present - makes life more simple but less secure!

there is one problem with this technique, which is that it will wipe the service tag off the bios chip, so you will not be able to enter any more passwords in future - maybe this is a good thing!? no more forgetting passwords!!
you can however quite easily re-enter the service tag onto the bios chip using a few programs which are readily available on the net.
once you have re-entered the service tag, then you can set your own passwords again, just try not to forget it next time!

for a more detailed guide there are loads of helpful guides in pdf format which are available here on eBay!
saves you loads as taking the laptop to your local computer repair shop can cost you anything upto £50 (sometimes more!) to do the same thing!
update September 2015:
There is now an updated way to do this but using a much easier method!
There is a bootable cdrom option which does the same thing as the 'paper clip method' But it is more precise and only requires one attempt!
contact me for details!

good luck!
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