pay pal always go in favour of the buyer

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hi everyone i have had the same problems as other members i sold a phone on ebay and recieved a payment from the buyer which went through fine but a couple of weeks later the buyer had put a false claim in saying he had bought the item and wasnt as described i had listed it as unlocked to any network and all in good working order  i even threw a handsfree kit in with it as a good will gesture anyway he contacted paypal and said it wasnt as described in listing which was a load of bullacks he had a good phone for £35 pound he bought a nokia 6170 which was hardly used i sent him it first class recorded paypal went in his favour and i lost my phone and my money  i was well peed off as you can imagine i was out of pocket  i think pay pal always goes in the favour of the buyer which is wrong theres two sides to every story  its a shame they dont listen to us sellers  and its us who loses out it cost us time and money listing items not to mention paypal fees which are exspensive there are alot of people out there scamming us sellers and people who like buying our items and not paying for them they should listen to both stories

                                                         kind regrds

                                                           warren davison


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