pay pal are rubbish

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i sold my mobile phone on e bay to a buyer in lithuania, and was paid via pay pal. no problem so i thought! i have the money in my pay pal account and the phone is sent off to the buyer. after about 3 days when i had spent the money i look at my account and its blocked and all of my buyers are asking where their money is as they have bought things i have sent them then pay pal have reclaimed their payments and said i owe them money. when i told pay pal, they said at the end of the day it is up to the seller if they accept any sale, and if you agree the sale, well how can you not when the item has been paid for, then its nothing to do with them! they told me the buyer had paid with unauthorised means, but it went thru pay pal and into my account and i sent the item off, so i lost my money,my phone and my e bay credibility, and ended up having to refund payments to irate customers, some understood, so did not want to know! this person has gained, i have lost, and pay pal talk about protecting us, they really dont want to know, when the going gets tough, they wont help you, believe me, be wary of pay pal, sooner or later you will find out.

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