paying over the odds!

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I'm learning as a kinda e-bay newbie it pays to shop around outwith e-bay for bargains..and getting retail prices for things, before committing myself on here!

I had been looking at apartments to rent, for a holiday! On the listing, it named and showed the apartments, and yes the price did seem good! I decided to look further into these apartments on the web to get more info as to what it was like off I went to look for them on the WWW to see if I could find out anymore! Low and worked out approx £40 cheaper to book directly through the apartments' website! So please don't think because it's on e-bay it's a definite bargain! Some things can be..and when they are that's great! ... but always remember alot of people use this a way of making PROFIT and it is some people's first job or second job .. could be their total income!?!  There is nothing wrong with making a bit of profit... and if you buy something and you feel it's a bargain...then everyone is happy.. BUT DO SHOP AROUND BEFORE COMMITTING TO IT ON E-BAY.. MAKE SURE YOU CAN'T GET IT ELSEWHERE CHEAPER. Hope this helps! Happy & safe shopping. x

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