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Hi all, i made a purchase over seas using paypal and the person disepeared with my money and i have tried to get a refund from paypal under their gtee terms but dont stand a chance, but this seems to be the norm with paypal. I also have had the usual limitations on my account for no good reason and every conceivable problem you would not get with other payment methods.  It seems paypal are above the law as when you have a valid reason for a refund they come up with some empty excuse for not refunding There are plenty of sites on the web explaining the problems using paypal but it is preferred by ebay? There are other auction sites up and coming so people will get a choice, i for one will use the ones that dont use paypal PLEASE NOTE YOUR BUSINESS REPUTATION IS AT RISK IF YOU USE PAYPAL so be warned, also when you file a dispute just see how their one word tick boxes lead you in to the wrong sections for your claim so then they close your claim because you have been led into making a claim in the wrong format, i think ebay are great but they need to give paypal a coat of looking at before their reputation goes up the pipe like paypals my email is i put my contact in as i have nothing to hide, i was considering taking paypal to court but their not governed by the usual credit agency's( i wonder why) so many people have found it to be a waste of time, it comes to something when you have to be careful of a company who are recommended by ebay (paypal verified) more like paypal terified   
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