paypal buyer protection..not worth the hassle...i found

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paypal offer buyer protection but after 4 weeks of emails and paypal "reviewing case" i have decided to cut my losses and give up! even though my stomach is still churning about it!!!

let me tell you what happened.... i bid the highest for a steering wheel which was described as "made from genuine leather". it arrived 1 week later and right away i could see it was cheap plastic and i had (not for the first time on ebay) been ripped off,

i immediately contacted the seller who told me in no uncertain terms to bog off and leave neg feedback if you want ect ect, you know the sort! so, after a week i reported this to paypal as item significantly not as described and reported his emails to ebay because some of them were abusive and threatening...a few days later ebay said they had "warned" the seller and that was all they would do...thanks ebay so thats what i pay these high seller fees for?

anyway, in the meantime paypal were "reviewing" the case. now, after another two weeks paypal have emailed me saying that i must provide a written statement from a reputable steering wheel manufacturer agreeing with my claim and verifying that it is not made from leather, all at my non refundable expense, oh and i have got 10 days to do this or the case will be closed and no further action will be taken against the seller!!! (even though i have got emails from the seller admitting his mistake and offering refunds if i close the dispute against them).

this has turned out to be a farce and impossible thing to do as no one is willing to help as i did not purchase from them in the first place.

so in conclusion  i would offer this advice... if it seems too good to be true it probably is, and this includes paypals so called "buyer protection" policy!!

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