paypal con

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perchased an item from dagenhammotorfactor , he never sent it , paid 40 pounds plus 14 pounds delivery , got a refund from paypal for 39 pounds !!

i paid instantly , i was patient i did everything correctly , he didnt send it , im the one who payed 15 pounds to be stiffed , i blame paypal , they should recover ALL the money sent and not deduct 15 process charge from me , they should seek the money from him , why bother using ebay at all if they allow this to happen , who are ebay and paypal looking after , morons who dont follow through , im conned , robbed , stolen from

think of this before u use them , there not going to look after your interests

ANY and all questions will be answered happly katana007666 , well ebay , well paypal justify it


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