paypal gave bad advice

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I bought a laptop for £400 which I didnt receive. The seller offered me a refund if I dropped the claim but was advised by paypal not to do so as I could not reinstste the claim should I not receive the money.Obviously the claim was settled in my favour and I had been assured I would receive a refund. Now after them transferring 20p from the sellers account they are telling me there is little hope of me getting my money back and they didnt tell me there was a time limit on a chargeback from my visa which I could have got within 20 days if they hadnt told me I had to wait 180 days for them to get my money back! what can I say....fraudulent seller YES...incompetent paypal advisers YES....rather than give me the correct advise they chose to string me along rather than be left to collect the money on their own behalf rather than mine after me getting a refund on my advice to anyone would be to record all calls so you have some comeback after being ripped off by them as well as the seller....


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