paypal reversals, and registered delivery

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In february a friends  father died unexpectedly, a couple of days before his death my friend had listed several collectable monopoly's, i.e. "startrek" Simpsons etc on a 3 day listing , about 10 in all, he was unemployed so used to sell and pay his ebay account from his paypal funds. at about the same time his dad died the listings ended, well as you can imagine he had other things on his mind, so about eight monopoly's sold at good prices and was paid through paypal. over the next two weeks he contacted buyers to explain things were running late with getting parcels out but during this time some of them had put complaints into paypal. so he sent out all the monoploy's he had sold that had been paid for.

only 1 person let paypal know they had resolved the dispute the rest got their monoply and a refund.

the thing is my friend ended up minus the monopoly's, minus the money paid for them and minus postage costs ( about six pounds per monoply)  he had transferred money to his bank to pay the postage costs then paypal took the money back for the monopoly's. this left his paypal account in a debt, with no money to pay his ebay seller account.and he got strikes for seller none performance and is now banned.

what he has learnt is ebay is a very risky place to trade, most ebayers are honest but eight out of nine ebayers he dealt with that week wernt,

paypal offers no help if the item doesnt have a tracking number, anyone can claim a refund if the item wasnt sent recorded delivery.

and if you are one of those ebayers who recieved your item and got your refund I hope you had a good laugh about it, and hope something like this happens to you when you are at your lowest point.

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