paypal scam

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I put a mobile phone for sale for £150.00 and was pleased when it sold straight away on a Buy it Now basis. I received a n email from pay pal saying that payment had been made into their account. The phone had sold to an american buyer but when I looked at the postage address it was to Nigeria. Ikept receiving e mails from paypal saying that they had the money in their account but could not release it into my account until they received the tracking number from the phone. Looking into it further, I found out that they emails were scam ones.Looked exactly the same as normal ones, except for one spelling mistake. I notified ebay and paypal but nothing was done. the buyer had the cheek to carry in sending emails for a couple of weeks asking where her item was ! re listed the phone, and exactly the same thing happened again with another buyer! Both buyers eventually de-registered but i never heard anything from paypal or ebay to say they were investigating this fraud furthur. So beware !!!
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