people pretending iphone's for sale when not

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As anyone noticed especially with the iphone 4's for sale, that it is always a stock picture, and not of their actual phone, i remember emailing one lady to inform her that the person bidding had bidded on 47 iphone 4's that day and won the lot, so i asked for his/her user id, which she would not give, but i got a very interesting email that went like this: "well that make's us both scammer's as i don't have a f****** iphone for sale, i was going to take the the money" if anyone wants this idiots user id email me through ebay, and i'll gladly give it to you, but people please take note there is some who has been on ebay less than 30 days and selling iphone's that don't exist, please don't bid as i have been onto the police and they are going through ebay, as i've been scammed before on this, but cancelled my cheque before they got their greedy hands on my hard earned cash, as a matter of a fact they are NOT selling iphone's but just too make a quick £400 + in day, but please take note most of the iphone's are just stock phone's, when you ask for an actual picture then they are not so quick to upload a picture of there phone itself, and 8/10 they don't get back to you, so please be aware, as i have or they have tried to con me, but never succeeded, as caome the next day or 2 they are not a registered user, and i have seen people with feedback of 99 and 100 plus, and with also being an new ebay user, DON'T BE CONNED, and ask for original pictures of the actual phone's, i really hope this helps you, before some poor soul hands over there hard earned cash, while these lot could be on the dole, if they are genuine they would send you an upload of there iphone 4

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