petrol genarators

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no body seams to complained about their genarators  i bought a second hand pro user 850 petrol genarator a couple of years a go to use on my motor home to charge the battery and the mobile phone as you do to keep in touch and broke the petrol tap it just screws into the petrol tank 10 mm thread tried lawnmower motor bike shops asking on ebay did they sell them no chance at a traction rally their was a genny the same as mine done a bit haggling got it for 40 quid great used it for about 2 hours at the most got it ot this year at the rally started great pluged it in nougth no power checked the leads ok so it was putting no power out asked about to see if anybody had any ideas no so i have taken the petrol tank off one and put it on the old unit i have power now looking on the net  their seems to be a lot of newish genarators that start ok but dont give any power out i have had the leadschecked and they are ok so 60 quid for a couple of hours is not cheao=p so if buying one make sure you plug somethink in to test before you buy these aere a poplour chaep genarator but seems to be no back up for even  a petrol tap strange dont you think
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