pink GHD MK4 Straighteners

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I would like to warn anyone who is buying these from e-bay.  I purchased a 'buy now' pair from a person from England only to receive an e-mail to tell me that someone had used this person's account.  I contacted this person who told me that his account had been hacked into and that he had received 4 pages of e-mails asking for the straighteners or their money back.  I lodged a complaint with paypal who are dealing with it at present.  Today though I received a package from China the people who hacked into the seller's account and I checked the hologram on their website, only to find they are counterfeit.  I am puzzled why paypal are not investigating this fraudulent transaction despite my telling them of the fraudulent use of an account, as they had advised me that they had contacted the ?seller who had advised them they had sent them.  This should be being investigated by the police and fraud squad as it seems that there has been a large number of people affected by this.

I then stupidly bid for another set on e-bay only to find when they arrived that the packaging was damaged and the straightener hologram was not genuine and the numbers were rubbing off.  I checked again on the GHD site only to be told that they were counterfeit. 

I have paid out £225.  The seller who sold me the second pair though is promising to refund my money if I send them back, but there is no guarantee that I will be paid back the original purchase.

I would advise anyone who wishes to buy these not to purchase them from e-bay as even the seller's with 100% positive feedback are selling counterfeit straighteners.
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