posh taffeta crinkle dress

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hello and welcome to my guide!

im writing this guide as its what i was searching for when i really wanted to buy this dress! now ive got one i will tell you the low down

i was really concerned as this dress  doesnt go cheap, and sizing can be a nightmare

just as a guide im 5f2 size 8 and a 34d

now i tried on my friends who has a size 10 and i couldnt do it up!

and it wasnt the cleavage as usual getting in the way!

i have bought  a 12 and the rib measurement is 28 inches!

the waist you dont really have to worry about because of the design of the dress the only fitted part is the corset top.

remember this dress is boned with NO give at all and has one of those fiddly hidden zips. you WILL need someone to zip you up!

i have a little room around my cleavage but if it was tighter it would squash them and give that strange apperance.

but most of all i have to tell you give yourself room to breathe!

i bought a galaxy moon dress (i love fitted tailored dresses) and should have had a bigger size as the dress is perfect when standing but sitting and eating and drinking can become uncomfy!

hope this helps

xxbuy and look and feel lovelyxxxx

teryl76 x

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