post and packaging costs

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i have noticed that a lot of buyers are annoyed at what they see to be unreasonable p&p charges. i think it's wise to point out that the postage price you see on the front of your parcel is not the only cost the seller has incurred.

many sellers now print their own postage labels, add to this proof of postage certificates and packing slips and you have quite a bit of paper work for each item.( ink and paper don't come for free) there is then the cost of packaging. many of us buy good quality mail bags and bubble wrap to ensure your item reaches you in good condition.

then of course there is the time factor and travel to the post office. it all adds up.

of course some sellers do charge a ridiculous amount for postage but these sellers are easy to spot. an extra £1 - £1.50 for packing is not unresonable but some just take the ****

so next time you're leaving feedback for a seller try to factor in all the hidden costs before you decide their p&p

in unfair. just a thought


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