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this is my guide to posting if you are posting somthing of small value then its not worth sending it recorded or special delevery but if the item is worth up to £30 then send it recorded delivery if it is worth a lot more than £30 then send it special delevery.  make sure you get the docket from the post office. this infomation is for sellers.


for buyers look out on the sale to see if the seller is going to send it recorded or special delevery if your item is valuble if it is up to £30 they will offer recorded delevery if it is more than £30 then it will be sent special delevery. if you dont see these delevry options then ask the seller if they are going to offer this option if they are not going to offer this option or you are going to be compensted for any loss or damage if you dont get this responce or the seller is not going to accept loss or damage for the item going to be sent if valuble then i would consider wheather or not to but the item.



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