postage and feedback

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most people like myself receive things through the post, saving boxes,padded envelopes, tissue and bubble wrap helps me cut the cost of  postage. I charge the minimum possible for postage allowing people to pay for the item not extra or excessive postal costs. when people request an explanation of postage costs i send them the weight and the post office web site so they can check for themselves the cost
I pride myself on being an honest seller and leave negative feedback to anyone who rips me off on postage and i advise you all to do the same, if i over charge on p+p I always refund the difference.
feedback should always be left for the buyer as soon as payment has been received if a seller does not do this then I don't trust them not only is it common curtisy but also a thank you for buying and it shows they have nothing to hide, if you are not left feedback by the seller then don't leave them any as feedback is important to them as to you and many of us look at feedback to get an indication of what the other person is about.
hope you found this helpful its just my opinion of how things should be.
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