postage and packaging!!! your rights!!

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For quite a while now , i have noticed sellers   stating at the bottom of the page that they are not liable for packages that go missing with royal mail, and to purchase  recorded delivery (between 70p an £3),in a way thay are right  as obviosly thay  cant help it if royal mail lose your package  but  if  they get a   proof of postage (given free at the p.o) when they post your item, the Royal Mail  DO pay out up to £35 for items that are lost or broken  but it is the seller that needs to make the claim(dont let them fob you off with  " i will send you the receipt for you to do the claim") it is a bit of an  hassle as you need (or rather THEY need to) print off the  sale page and  the paypal page  and also need  a claim form from the p.o but you do get your money back in the end . If your seller refuses  to do this dont forget  if you pay by pay pal  you can put in a not received item dispute and  you will get your money back this way any way  but do give  your seller time to sort out the claim 1st before you do this as Royal Mail do  specify that  you must wait 15 days after  posting  to  put in a claim and then it usually takes about 28 days................

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