postage precautions!

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Be very careful how you send items if you said that you will send it recorded or special delivery make sure that is how you send it.

I usually write on the corner of the package ''recorded'' or ''special'' etc so there is no mix ups at the post office.

Ill mention no names but i sent a package worth 70.00 and didnt write in the corner and i was also sending 7 other items to canada,spain and 5 uk addresses, the 2 over seas items went by 1st class, 1 uk item went special delivery and the rest by recorded exept one that i mistakenly sent by 1st class and it was supposed to be recorded, anyway to cut a long story short all items got there exept the one item that was supposed to be sent recorded but was sent 1st class, (ironic huh) buyer waited 8 days after item was already late and said he had not recieved it, i think he did recieve it and just said he didnt because i had no proof of sending it as it was sent by 1st class (mistakenly) so he then cashed in and got a full refund,and may i add left me negative feedback! but i cant prove any of this so thats why i urge all you GOOD,HONEST people of ebay to be VERY CAREFUL when you send items. I hope my loss accompanied by this guide prevents anyone else from being ripped off.

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