postal charges

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just been reading someones guide to postal charges.... i agree with one or two things but others - no, I personally dont overcharge if i can help it on postal costs, i certainly wouldnt have the gaul to charge for the use of a marker pen or in to write on the packet! thats taking meaness too far! I dont send comliment slips or want them sent to me as they are a waste of paper and will get thrown away or recycled without looking at them. Nothing bugs me more than someone bumping up the postal costs just to make a few quid, ive been charged 2 or 3 quid more before now for something which was the price of a Large Letter to send, anyone can guess roughly what it will cost. Fair dos, if one ebayer chooses to drive to a post office 8 miles away thats up to them, personally i wouldnt have the time, it is getting harder though with the imminent closures of a lot of post offices, it will be easier in a bit to deliver them ourselves.
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