posting pictures of cars for sale on the internet

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having watched a programme on BBC 1 last night i feel i should pass on a warning of a problem reported by at least two particpants, "Car Cloning".

If you are selling a car on any internet site do not submit photos revelaing the full number plate of your car, as criminal gangs can obtain copies of these plates and place them on similar vehicles which are then used to run up parking and congestion charges in London, or worse serious criminal activity which will come back on you as the registered owner.

Further more if buying a car on the internet the police advise you to take a copy of a valid V5 document from a car you own and know to be genuine, as some V5 documents have been stolen and copied, this was noted by one participant only when he paid eleven thousand pounds for a car which appeared legitimate only to later notice the V5 document supplied with the vehicle did not have a bar code in certain places, and that the car was stolen, the car was then confiscated and the money lost


please be carefull.

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