poultry keeping stress in chickens, ducks, geese

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poultry keeping is an enjoyable hobby for anyone who has enough room and the interest to keep hens in the garden.

It is a big committment and care must be taken when cosidering whether to keep large hens or bantams as they can live a long time in the right conditions. 

Stress is a big consideration to be thought of by the poultry keeper.

The birds will suffer stress when being moved from one premises to another, in hot weather, cold weather and when moulting, also when mites, fleas or lice are present.  If children or dogs, cats, foxes, badgers  or birds of prey chase the chickens then they also will suffer stress.

It is advisable to give the chickens a multivitamin additive in the water for 2 weeks when they are stressed for any reason.


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