pre cert video nastys

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ive been watching video nastys and horror movies for years and love them so much i collected them and sell them. i do like the special fx in the movies and the horror of what will happen next to the people in the movies.

video nastys of the 1980s are very collectable and can hold a value of ££££ to any horror collector, the dpp39(department of public proscution) were the ones who tryed very hard to ban the video nastys in the early 1980s. 39 videos were forbidden , others made the list but were not unofficial -but only 39 were.

absurd    anthropophagous beast   axe   the beast in heat   bloodbath   blood rites   blood feast   bloody moon   the burning   the cannibal man   cannibal ferox   cannibal holocaust   cannibal apocalypse   the devil hunter   dont go in the woods alone   driller killer   evil speak   expose   faces of death   fight for your life   forest of fear   flesh for frankenstein   gestapos last orgy   the house by the cemetery   house on the edge of the park   i spit on your grave   island of death   last house on the left   love camp 7   mardi gras massacre   mad house   nightmares of a damaged brain   night of the bloody apes   night of the demon   snuff   ss experiment camp   tenebrae   the werewolf and the yeti    zombie flesh eaters.

look at the colour of the sleeve , see if it fills thick and not paper like photocopy paper, because people do copy tapes to pass them off as genuine originals. this will be called (backups- not pre cert- boot sale find- transfer from original-) 

some copys are very good and can be thought of originals, just here if the sound is a bit low and picture is not very clear. you might got a copy and very good . well thats a bargin if you got a very spot on copy because these videos are very rare and can cost quiet a bit to buy. ( the devil hunter would cost to buy £200 or more)

on some sleeves a few might have logos/ holograms what give off colour when turned from left -right showing the logo. copys dont.

some copys might jump slightly , might flash black n white .  but because back in the 1980s the equipment used buy the makers makes some pictures grainy looking to look old and some were crystal clear.

a pre cert is a video with out the certification or an x on the tape.(x=18)

pal= british standerd vhs/beta play      ntsc=usa/american standerd play  some tapes dont play on older machines because of the diffrent formate but new machines can play any formate of tapes (please check your machine to see if it can play other formate of vhs tapes before buying them).    



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