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× when buying clothes of ebay, your best to type in korean clothes if you want to purchase cute and unusual peices of  clothing. yes it may take a while to come to you, only up to a month, but their prices are amazing and no one will have the same clothes as you!! i think korean style is very pretty and sofisticated. Most sellers from korea are beautiful and nice but if purchasing something from korea make sure to check your messages as they will message you if they is a problem usually with postage! please make sure that when pruchasing clothing from korea you read all descriptions and watch out for some editing of photos as some products are made to look better quality then they really are. their lace clothing really is pretty, also their bags are very cheap. when buying clothes please check sizes as koreans are super skinny .. a large in korean clothing is about 8-10! id advise you to measure yourself to match the sizes, as usally they will have a size chart id you scrole down the desription box.. always read feedback on sellers :)
inspired by korean clothing.xo
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