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i would like to respond to people who dont like sellers who are selling overpriced items on ebay from stores such as primark and river island.

i think that if ppl bid up to or over the RRP that is totally THEIR CHOICE!  ive noticed also buyers putting rare and sold  on to their listings to get their items to sell and yes i believe some are rare and sold out in stores. In my local primark they do not have the sparkly union jack bag and i looked on ebay and found loads sellling bewteen £5 - £20.i recently got the bag for £8 and the purse for around £3.00...i dont consider myself to have been ripped off. as i had bothered to look in my local store to see if its avaliable or not..if i know an item is in my local store then i will go and buy it from my local store. but if its not avaliable then why not buy from sure most people know the price of primark items to know if they are getting ripped off on ebay or not!! and if they dont want to get ripped off and they are smart they will know not to bid.

Not everything is avaliable in primark stores as i have never seen some of the items listed on ebay/.

In other words if you do not like sellers selling primark or any other branded items for more than the retail price..dont bother to look at people listings and then complain about it.


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