primark resellers are okay

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as far as im concerned if people buy primark items and sell it on  why shouldnt they????

I dont think its fair if it is breaking the law because we all make decisions what to spend our money on in life and if they choose to buy things and then sell them why shouldnt they?  isnt that what free enterprise is all about??

they do say a fool and his money are soon parted so if people choose to buy things more expensively on ebay than the item costs in the original store then its down to them , noone is forcing them

i buy primark on ebay as the train fair is £5 return to my nearest store so  its worth it to me  to buy a pair of primark shoes that cost the ebay seller say $4 , he charges me £10 and i wouldnt be able to buy shoes where i live for under £30 cos i live in a sleepy little village with little transport  so in actual fact ebay does me a favour

so dont knock people selling goods on and making a profit good luck to them

its all about supply and demand and anything else is just jealousy



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