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best way of buying a printer cheap.

I found the best way to getting a cheap printer is to be looking for the ones that end middle of the day. Also by looking for people who are selling locally as to save on postage. Also by collecting you can see what your getting as well as protect it against some of the delivery people who can be a bit rough with your parcel. Always go for a good make of printer as they last a lot longer.  Also when buying ink cartridges buying cheap universal ones can be more expensive as they don't seem to last as long as well causing the printer heads to play up I've found on the printers I own that using the proper cartridges last a lot better and keep the printer going for longer. I usually aim for local printers that don't show collect in person and asking if they would allow collection as postage of printers can be quite expensive. So it puts people off buying the printer as it could add another £8 to the cost especially if they don't advertise collection. I've always emailed and asked questions about the printers before placing bids or buying as you can get a better deal an  also makes the buying of the product better as you can find out some history. Like has it been stored long? As it could have seized up if left unused and stored in a damp area I.e shed/garage. Also I  the buying doesn't respond it usually sets alarm bells off to me as if to say is it going to be any good. 


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