profit making from charity

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I would just like to say how disgusted i was to see people selling soccer aid tickets for 2/3 times their retail price.  All stating they were not out to make a profit yet rather than have a buy it now system for the actual price of fifteen pounds, they are accepting bids up to sixty pounds and more!!

It annoys me so much as i do a lot of work for charities and they are always struggling to get enough money to give help to people, now people are making money off the charity Unicef which is hosting the celebrity football match at Old Trafford at the end of the month , which i doubt they will be donating back to them, as some have stated!

Please if you are reading this and were interested in going to the match, try ticket master first, it will save you money and stop greedy, money grabbers cashing in on a charity event that they had obviously had no intention of going to.

If you are reading this and you are one of those greedy people, please GET A CONSCIENCE!!!!!!!!!!

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