programing hyundai key fob

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thought i would supplement the guide with some extra info about programing the key fob for a hyundai coupe. once you have removed the crash panel below the steering wheel, the unit is a small black box with a rubber duck ariel attached. there are 2 10 mm bolts attached to it, the left one is easy to get to but the right hand one is a real pain! but if you get under the pedals on your back with a torch you will see that the bracket can be wiggled about and will slide off with just the left bolt removed. the procedure is as described in the other guide switch the unit to set with ignition on press the lock key on the fob.if you have more than one do them both at the same time. set the switch back to the off position and put the left bolt back in to hold unit back in place. now the most important bit of info! once you have done the procedure and you press the key fob and nothing happens dont panic! take your keys out the ignition then try! your ignition key has a chip inside which disables the system so they have to be removed b4 it will work. if it still doesnt work try the steps again. hope this helps.
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