property in northern cyprus

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I am writing this as i would like to say that there is no problem with buying property in northern cyprus if you use a good solicitor and buy pre 1974 title deeds. either pre '74 foreign owned or pre '74 turkish title. Both are internationally recognised. Because of the conflict in 1974 both greek cyprus and turkish cyprus have both built on each others land, this being exchange title deeds, which could cause a problem later on if its rightfull owner wants it back. Always find out about the pre 1974 ownership! Don't listen to estate agents who will tell you exchange land is ok. Those who proclaim to be "clued up" obviously are not as they wouldn't write such ill informed rubbish on how it is dangerous to buy proprty there. There is no danger atall as long as you use your head and a decent solicitor, just the same as in the uk. I would like to make it clear that i a not an estate agent or property developer just a property owner who has had no problems atall.We visited north cyprus for 2 year before buying, so don't rush in and the right thing will come along!
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