protect yourself when buying

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All the information I have listed here, may seem mundane, but believe me it's easy when in a bidding war to overlook some minor detail. Happy bidding and protect yourself, don't allow sellers to take advantage....
  • Don't competely relay on ebay and paypal sorting out any issues that you may find yourself in. Keep your own file and hard copies of the item brought and all the details attaining to the sale. 
  • Photographs are a good source in protecting yourself if the item is not as listed when it arrives.
  • Always always  keep a copy of all questions and communication you have with the seller both, before during and after purchase, you may find this information in valuable should a problem arise.
  • Use ebay's contact a seller or respond feature, never communicate outside of this medium.
  • Ask all relevant questions before you buy. 
  • Never, ever buy outside of ebay's purchase now or paypal.
  • Remember to leave feedback on all items you acquire, this information could well be the difference between a good seller and a rouge one and well help other buyers determine wither or not to complete future transactions with this person.
  • Watch out of repetitive feedback, it's more than likely bogus.
  • Know your right's read ebay s terms and conditions on fraudulent counterfeits.
  • Report fraud,counterfeit goods and suspicious sellers immediately.
  • If you are contacted by another buyer on a comment you posted. Respond via ebay as soon as you can, you might just help save them from a catastrophe.
  • Be fair and honest in all feed back.

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