psychic reading - Spotting a fake

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Most people go by recommendations, feedback, and sometimes in desperation they go from psychic to psychic which just confuses the whole issue. Psychic messages come through feelings and symbols that the guides, spirit world give to the psychic to create a picture to help the reader. With such variables a good psychic learns to just give what they get because even though they are not going to know what they mean to the person they need to be a like a postman just making sure the message gets to the person safely and in a way they can relate or receive. For example, I asked my guides for proof to help a lady know that her mother was contacting her. They built me this wonderful picture with mantle piece, a chair, table by the side and when you are doing stand up work you need more direct information than building a picture. Eventually after I told the lady the picture that was emerging, which didn’t really hit a cord they took me to the picture by the side on a table and it wasn’t her mum in the picture but her mums favourite picture on the left hand side had been falling off the table every time she went past it. Well that was all she had needed and wondered who it was. Now I could have stopped because she said no to the fireplace and some times you have to wait for the full picture.

Because symbols, images, messages have to be interpreted, then no psychic can be 100% correct and those who claim cannot be a true psychic.

Quick points to look out for:

  1. Go by your instincts - because your drawn to a type of reading for a reason
  2. Prepare yourself by meditating, have an open mind to message recieved.
  3. Never go to psychic if desperate, what you put out you will recieve, if you think you won't get a good reading you won't.
  4. Guides and psychic are here to guide only, not tell you what to do and if do not true psychic
  5. Anyone can work with spirit, if a message will come through.
  6. A true psychic is not just there for a reading and should be availabel for questions.
  7. Be careful some psychic use other psychics information, or search for what you have bought or sell for information.

Love and light


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