purchasing your first electric guitar

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choosing your first electric guitar.


if you know very little about guitars, buying one can be a minefield!!

listen to knowledgeable friends shop assistants or other reliable sorces and see what they have to say on the subject.


dont be pushed into purchasing the most expensive guitar the salesman can get you to buy!!


electric guitars are trickier to choose most manufacturers offer premium and budget models.

visually they can look the same !! an american made fender stratocaster costing in excess of £1000 and the squier model of the same design mass produced under licence in china is just one example of premium and budget guitars.


always go for the best sounding electric guitar you can afford brand isnt everything.

get a guitar savvy friend to help if possible (i did as i didnt have a clue)

ask them to demonstrate it for you by playing notes chords at different posistions listen to how it sounds.

try it out yourself assess it for weight comfort etc if its too heavy you will always struggle to play it correctly!!

strum the strings from top to bottom the notes should be equal in volume should ring out clearly with a nice sustained sound it should have no rattles or buzzing.

if its second hand check for scratches , cracks or other damage to see if its been cared for. do this with 2 or 3 different guitars and draw a shortlist .

the guitar with the best performance and overall appeal to yourself is usually the one to buy. not the £1000 strat thats to heavy or dosnt feel right even the most highly recomended models may not satisy your requirments if it dosnt feel right in your hands !

above all enjoy picking your guitar as its meant to be fun!


good luck and happy strumming.





les paul

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