purplehog11 bankrupt ebay shop

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I have lost £340 to this company who must have known they were going bankrupt. I paid straight after auction via paypal but used credit card to fund paypal account, so have contacted the credit card company in an attempt to claim money back, as it is after paypal deadline of 45 days since I paid them. I feel so sorry for everyone as I feel bad enough, but there are many others there who have lost even more. The company were even auctioning stuff as late as saturday  6th September, even though they went to court on 4th  - I nearly bought another item of furniture on that day, now glad I did not! And why did they wait till sunday 7th Sepember to send me an email, 2 days before the delivery was due to be made, if they were at court 3 days previous!!!!!

Also there is a online shop for a company also based in Essex called pine online - is it the same firm??? I found it via googling pine online - the name that my payment was made to.........

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