pva bags and their usefulness in carp fishing

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Hi in this guide I would like to give those among us an insight into the way i use of pva bags.

I  use and have used pva for many years now, of coarse I have my favorite sizes but here I shall try and give an unbiased look at the shapes and sizes that are available on the market here on ebay.

nowadays you get the super minis, here we at katch karp were the first to make these very small bags come on the scene our 35x85 are truly mini bags and have their place in winter and also in summer. These bags are just one bitefull in a bag. I can just get the tip of my forefinger in a bag this size . i wouldn,t put my hook bait in this bag. I would fill with a couple of crushed boilies then lik an stik it firmly. use a baiting needle and pierce straight thru the bag length ways uncouple your hook length and then gently pull the hook length back thru the bag, link end first so that your boilies /bait ends up pulled up to the bag the reatatch the hook link. So now the hook link runs thru the pva bag and your bait is sitting outside the bag at the bottom, with any luck the carp will have the whole pile in one mouthfall  

Then  you can get small bags 50 x 75    50 x 100  at first glance you think hmm 2 inch x 4 inch  quite a largish size , but no, in the light of day when you actually have the bag to hand the first thing you notice is how small it is.

These bags however do serve a purpose in our tackle boxes, for several important tasks.

You can cast these bags with ease a long way, and instead of being an encumbrance on the end of your line, you barely know that they are there.

ideal for longer casts over 100 yards, they give you an extra bit of weight plus you manage to get a few boilies out there around your hookbait, which can make the difference between success and failure.


Next we have the 100 x 100 size bag, this size bag gives us a managable amount of bait to cast at least 100 yds. These bags are best used in the lick and stick fashion that is becoming so popular now. Fill the bag with whatever goodies you fancy or think the carp might fancy. Fill up to just around 3/4 full then fold the top over and lick and stick, job done.


My old favorite is the 130 x 80 size bag, not much to say about this one as i,m sure it is a lot of anglers out there favoured bag . holds a fair amount of bait 2-3 onzes boilies pellets a bit of flavour and away it goes . These bags can be cast 70-80 yds with a strong rod 2 1/2 lb test or so and whats more deliver a good amount of your bait to those far off spots. These bags are also usefull for use with bait boats.,


Then we move on to the tubes, they come in various lengths from over 200mm long x 60mm wide going down to     170mm x 70mm wide      

finaly we make the largest purpose made pva bags, these are made to take  around 12 kilos of bait !!!!!!! katch karp

these bags at first sight seem to long and mishaped to be of any use, wrong , in the right hands and a gentle but firm lob these bags can be put to fair distances with ease .  mind they tend to be heavy old things not for the faint hearted  these bags . Just look at the bait they can get out around your hookbait a good 4 onz plus worth of bait. goo for bait boat use as well . dont forget with these tubes your presenting your bait in a slighly different shape !!!


Then we have the large bag 100 x 130 your looking at 4 onz of bait here  a nice bit of bait for those hungrey carp . Because of the shape youll find these bags easier to cast and boy do they go. Get a following wind and fire them out , watch em fly .

we also now make 220x65 a truly large bag

a lot of the lads out there use our big bags in conjuntion with thier bait boats  this way you can deliver a lotta bait close to your own bait   

I hope  I have given you some things to think about here and that you will be tempted to try some of our  bags here on ebay  thanks for reading colin katch karp

thanx for looking and reading this guide

please support my efforts and take the time to leave me some possitive scoring in the helpfullness box below here  hope to c u in my ebay shop colin katch karp   

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