rc planes electric

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Hi thank for reading years ago thought i fancy a plane i bought one from hong kong

A very nice looking plane it had twin electric motors thought this be okay my mate bought one too on a different frequency we took them to a local park went to the top of a hill !
But they were gliders you could turn them left and right that was it very hard to control after the 1st flight my mate got his stuck in a tree he got it down went home put it in the bin as they were made of polystyrene very easy to damage i kept mine to rip apart but  the rc gear out of it two motors and a receiver solid state binned the plane!
so last year i bought a firebird as it was a known make saw one in my local shop now this is very easy to fly but solid sate inside too but it has an elevator on the tail this one does fly so if you buying a plane go for a known make and get it from the uk google the name too see what is said about it i have now got a real ic plane
my best tip would be go to your local model shop see what they sell ask them questions if you buy a plane from e bay you will be going there very often to get bits and bobs and they are very helpful a bit expensive so you can buy bits off e bay cheaper also if a plane as sold as used and they say the not got time to see if its working sold as seen them 90% of the time it not work
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