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My experience is that when Mamas & Papas is good, they're very good, but when they're bad - they're absolutely horrendous.

Over the years I have spent a lot of money on various products from the range.  I've been happy with most of them in fairness.  My advice is if you're going to buy a product, avoid the Mamas & Papas stores.  Buy from a retailer with a good refund or replacement policy because Mamas & Papas don't have one, despite their marketing blurb.  Buyer beware.

I bought a Mamu Mu4 Formula 1 twin buggy in April.  I'd had a deposit on the new Pulse twin for some weeks, after the customer service HQ advising me of a delivery date to the UK which met my needs.  When I needed the buggy however, the Pulse was not yet in the Country despite being well over the original date advised, so I purchased the Mamu twin which seemed to be close to the Pulse.

The first thing to go wrong, after about the second use, was the raincover.  The plastic cover ripped away from the velcro straps.  The store replaced this with an Aria cover, as a goodwill gesture, which is far superior, but they told me that a) that the covers you get 'in the box' [i.e. included with the price of the pushchair] aren't that good, and b) the reason the cover had torn was because the babies were kicking and c) I'd bought a budget product which until recent months wasn't disclosed as M&P!.  Unfortunately I couldn't negotiate with a 6 month and a 8 month old baby not to kick. Oh, and not surprisingly, the features and benefits list doesn't say that the raincover included doesn't meet normal usage!   Added to the fact I was amazed that M&P was anything other than a premium brand!

Within 3 months the carry handle had snapped off the side of the buggy, despite being used only to lift it into the car boot along with the normal handles.  At this point my confidence in the product was at rock bottom, I returned to the store and asked if I could at least upgrade the product to an Aria or Pulse, the answer was no. The staff in the M&P shop told me [for the second time] that the Mamu brand was only recently included in the standard brand offering as previosuly it was limited to independents - and yes, there's nowhere on the product which identifies it as Mamas & Papas so I guess this is true. The product was repaired with an ugly rivet, along with all of the rear wheels which were deemed to be out of alignment - this from a buggy which does less that half a mile a week in 3 months of usage.  I complained to customer services, not only about the overall lack of quality, but also the comments regarding their apparent lack of acceptance of the Mamu being anything to do with M&P. 

The response was woeful.  The product is dire.  The Aria they loaned me is far bettter, but they wouldn't let me pay the difference for it, not even when I suggested the Mamu be taken in store for a loan product [well that speaks volumes doesn't it].  I revisited with them the fact that the HQ had given me a duff delivery date for the Pulse, and my deposit was placed in good faith with that date, but they started quoting Consumer Rights, and I should have asked for my deposit back.  So you're OK if you carry a retailing legal text book with you.  They gave me a M&P voucher which wouldn't have covered the fuel back and forth to store with the complaints.

In contrast, the only other M&P products I've had fail on me was an Aria from Argos, who replaced it without question after a part failed within 8 months [Argos have a 12 month guarantee]; a Sportline chassis from John Lewis which refused to fold without force - replaced after the first few days without question, and an Ultima carrycot which became almost impossible to remove from the chassis after a couple of weeks' use, again replaced by John Lewis without question.  So if you're determined to have a M&P product please purchase carefully and ask about the retailer's policy when things go wrong, because they may give a damn where M&P clearly don't.  If M&P treat their retail partners the same as the consumers then most retailers must be seriously considering their position with them.

Despite many products purchased for quite a few children over 13 years+, the M&P attititude will leave me running back to Maclaren and/or Mothercare every time.  They look good, but there's always the wolf in sheep's clothing so don't be led by the asthetic appeal - do your homework before you let you're debit or credit card out of your bag. 






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